dmexco: Lisa Donohue on VR and the intersection of human experience & technology

By October 26, 2016 No Comments

The power of virtual reality emerged as one of the most important storytelling and consumer engagement platforms for creators and marketers over the next decade at dmexco last month. With consumers placing a considerate amount of value on emotion and experience now more than ever, VR is positioned to fundamentally change how future generations engage with content, entertainment, gaming, education and more.

During the Sept. 14 mainstage session: The VR Experience: A (Virtual) Reality for Marketers, Starcom Global Brand President Lisa Donohue, alongside client Christoffer Nøkleby from Mercedes, and New York Times Magazine Publisher Andy Wright discussed the future impact of VR for consumer engagement and how now is the time for marketers and brands to adopt these technologies through innovative strategies to drive business results.

The panelists offered their ‘bold predictions’ about where VR is headed in 3 to 5 years:

  • Entertainment: The auto industry predicts that cars will one day drive themselves, and VR will play a key role in entertaining passengers along the way.
  • Scale: Scaling VR is an absolute challenge. However, the progression of technology will enable brands/marketers to scale allowing for more high-quality VR footage and the ability to easily and efficiently edit it. Consumers have an appetite for it, and publishers are willing produce more and more of it.
  • Adoption: VR adoption rates will raise and the production costs will decrease allowing the technology to be more mainstream. The hope is that as a global society, storytelling and VR can help people understand each other better, be more empathetic to their differences around the world and ultimately be more connected.