Gunn Media Report: OMD, the most award-winning network

By February 16, 2017 No Comments

Canada continues to move away from the five countries with the highest rewards for its media agencies, falling from seventh to 11th, according to the results of the 2016 edition of Gunn Report.

For the third consecutive year, the United States, the United Kingdom and India remain entrenched among the top 3 most awarded countries.

The Starcom agency in the United States dethroned MDG this year for the number of awards received. PHD Canada still ranked # 6 in this country and is the only Canadian agency to be included. The 20 agencies on this list received more than 38 points in four festivals and more. The scoring system awards one point for each prize of equivalent level to the Bronze Lion in a qualifying contest and two points in the case of a Grand Prize.

MDG is not left behind. For the 11th consecutive year, she won the status of the world’s most rewarded network of media agencies, notably thanks to her UK-based agency, OMD, which won, among other things, three Media Lions at Cannes.

For the first time, Heineken reached first place as the announcer of the year, ahead of Coca-Cola. Recall that Heineken’s #MoreBehindTheStar campaign featuring Benicio Del Toro in six television commercials in English and Spanish is broadcast in 70 countries. Finally, McDonald’s is still in third place.

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