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Ebba Kilman, Liv Sandberg, Anna Settman and Johan Ydring will act sidekicks to Host Claes de Faire.

During two days met much of the media industry to discuss future opportunities and challenges under the Stockholm Media Week.

Claes de Faire, president of Focus, will act show host during the two days, but he will have four “sidekicks” to his aid in the form of various professional profiles.

This year’s sidekicks are: Liv Sandberg, incoming CEO of Starcom, Anna Settman, former CEO of Aftonbladet, a board member of Telia and founder of The Springfield Project, Ebba Kilman, CEO of Vizeum and Johan Ydring, director of media and analysis of TUI.

Here are the four acts:

Act I: Dynamic dualism – the agile Act.

The trends begets counter-trends are not new. But today it is about to move in opposite directions simultaneously. To affirm two extremes at once and embrace dualism. Hear about strategies and the brand’s role in this divided existence.

Sidekick: Liv Sandberg, incoming CEO, Starcom.

Act II: Marketing Technology vs Human Resource – hubot Act.

In an increasingly technologically advanced marketing world must work Marketing wider than ever. If competitiveness by super intelligence, artificial intelligence and a lot of disyllabic abbreviations.

Sidekick: Anna Settman, former CEO of Aftonbladet, a board member of Telia and founder of The Springfield Project.

Act III: Performance Marketing. From vision to precision – the precision of the Act.

Forget the visionary sales splash. With more and more advanced methods achieved success through performance marketing. This will be achieved through appropriate targets, but a humble attitude to the outcome. When everything is measurable, everything must deliver. But what?

Sidekick: Ebba Kilman, CEO, Vizeum.

Act IV: What bubbles in the media bubble? The unfiltered Act.

It seems a lot online, but most seem to think just like you – or? How does the technology affect the way you think? Are search engines, in fact, our time censorship? In the last act, we talk drifted in social media and cure, optimization and planting.

Sidekick: Johan Ydring, director of media and analytics, TUI.

Stockholm Media Week is organized by the Swedish media agencies, this year for the thirteenth consecutive year.

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