The advertising market grew by 2.3 percent. in the first quarter

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The value of Polish advertising market in the first quarter. It increased by 2.3 percent. and it amounts to 1,916 billion zł – results from the analysis of the media house Starcom.

In the period from January to March this year. twelve sectors increased advertising expenses, recorded the largest pharmaceutical sector – about 5 percent. (Relative to the same period of 2016 years). They showed high growth sectors of telecommunications – by 10.9 percent. and the automotive industry – by 12.7 percent. Strong declines in spending sectors were finance (18.5 percent.) And food (14.1 percent.). “The market grew, although part of the Christmas campaign moved to the beginning of April, the second quarter due to the timing of Easter. Last year it fell on the last weekend of March, hence all activities okołoświąteczna was credited with the first quarter, “- says Magdalena Kolenkiewicz, Director General Starcomu.

Medium, which in the first quarter recorded the largest increase in advertising revenues, the Internet. Expenditure on promotion it increased by 10.6 per cent., To 618 million zł. This was due primarily to the increase in investments online video and mobile advertising.

Most was spent on television advertising – 911 million zł (an increase of 0.3 percent.). About 9.3 per cent., To 26 million zł increased expenditure on cinema advertising. For promotion in other media issued less than in the first quarter ub.r .: Radio – 149 million zł (down 3.2 percent)., Outdoor – 99 million zł (decrease of 1 per cent.), Magazines – 71 million zł ( a decrease of 10.9 per cent.), newspapers – 42 million zł (decrease of 14.5 percent.).

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