Starcom’s global president and Bank of America’s CMO on redefining consumer experiences through data

By June 19, 2017 No Comments

The Drum has teamed up with Publicis for a five-part video series during Cannes Lions to explore how brands can use data and technology to stay relevant with today’s always-connected consumer.

On day one, Bank of America’s chief marketing officer Meredith Verdone, and global brand president at Starcom, Lisa Donohue speak about the impact of data-driven storytelling and how that is driving deeper understandings of consumer behaviour.

“Data-driven storytelling is really exciting. Data gives us so much signal. Whether it’s behavioural data, third-party data, [or] location-data. It’s really telling us so much about our consumer,” says Verdone.

For Donohue, as data has “risen in prevalence” people tend to see data and storytelling as two separate elements, which is not the case.

She explains: “The reality is that the two come together. There is so much human insight that sits within the data, that if you can unlock that insight, it can truly help you tell a new and different story. A personal story for consumers, but also a new and different story for the brands.”

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