Starcom retrieves agency SMFB director – to create data-driven advertising

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We will be strong on creativity and will have multiple technologists in-house, says the new agency leader.

While the Norwegian advertising industry in Cannes, release Starcom news that the country’s second largest media agency group is launching a third agency and this time a new creative agency, to be called New Work. In the Publicis-owned media agency group is already media agencies Starcom and Zenith.

Peder Mittet, who is CEO of Starcom and eierselskaept Publicis Media, will be chairman of the new company “who will work closely with the origin of his.”

– Starcom has made itself known to have creativity and technology as key drivers in our deliveries, so this is a natural next step to bring the creative to the next level. We are now establishing a separate company with its own identity and exciting new employees, providing this environment space to specialize and grow further, says Mittet.

– Should New Framework be an advertising agency?

– Yes, a data-driven advertising.

One of the exciting new appointments also are Christian Raae coming from just the advertising industry. He comes from a position as digital director of the agency SMFB Engine.

– New Work is about creating value for the recipient. In a digital media landscape is more difficult than before to reach, and it quickly becomes deselected. Clever use of data allows us to be relevant and make creative solutions to your audience’s terms, says Raae.

– What will be different in your new job compared to the job you had agency SMFB Engine?

– It has been an honor to work in agency SMFB-house with as many talented people. There have been both very informative and very funny. My role there was basically was to strengthen the house as a whole on the digital deliveries and jointly with other key people develop Engine to be a strong digital device. In New Work I’m going to continue to work professionally and customer responsibility, as well as have rush overall responsibility for the development of the agency, says Raae to Campaign.

– Would you say there is a big difference between an agency that Engine and New Work?

– New Work has also taken creators from leading agencies and we will be strong on creativity and we have several technologists in-house so that we can deliver on our promise to provide data-driven creativity, he says.

By launching the New Framework count 15 employees and according Raae will be digital creators, technologists, designers, consultants and manufacturers.

– In addition, we have a clear integration with the group consisting of Starcom and Zenith and we therefore have a different backbone in terms of data, technology and focus on impact. It is simply a more comprehensive package. In short, we might say that we are a nice mix of creativity or advertising, content marketing and performance .

Starcom recently published sales figures which showed that the agency has a turnover of 1.2 billion and is thus one of the largest agencies in the market. Although Zenith also should count it Starcom which accounts for the biggest contribution now the two agencies put forward the agency income of 120 million.

The company works with customers such as Telenor, Bertel O. Steen, Storebrand, Circle K and Norwegian Rikstoto something the new agency will also benefit.

– New Work will work both on their own mission and fully integrated at Starcom and Zenith their customers. It is an advantage for our customers that we can solve several things in one place, while it is now becoming clearer where the expertise lies, says Mittet.

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