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Starcom Mexico Launches Podstars Podcast
Published on June 01, 2021
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Last week, Starcom Mexico launched its "Podstars by Starcom" podcast.

This project, which has been in the making for several months, is led by Starcom Mexico's CEO Gabriela Vargas and Sergio Iovanovich, Chief Digital Officer, who also serves as Podstar's host. This is just one example of how Starcom is positioning itself as a transformative and innovative agency.

Starcom is one of the first media agencies in Mexico to launch a podcast to the market. The podcast will feature guest stars from the industry and cover how digital, innovation and technology trends are transforming marketing, advertising and media, always from that human lens. 

In the first episode, Podstars welcomes a very special guest: John Sheehy, Global Brand President of Starcom. In this Podstars episode, he talks with Sergio Iovanovich about the importance of human-centered experience design, beyond technology and innovation.

Gabriela Vargas, CEO, Starcom Mexico said: "The podcast reinforces our sense of transformation and ambition to face changes and adapt to them to continue moving forward. Projects like this one show that at Starcom we want to be active participants in the new way of communicating, being coherent with our vision of not losing the human side, integrating the "human experience" in what we do and create."

Sergio Iovanovich, Starcom´s Mexico CDO, affirmed: "Podstars is a big step towards our goal of being closer and closer to our clients, aiming to contribute to the future of their business and results. Together with our guest stars, we will try to inspire and give visibility to relevant media-related topics and others that go far beyond, always with a touch focused on the human experience. This first episode "How to design human-centered brand experiences" couldn't have started better, having an exceptional guest like John Sheehy."

You can click here to listen this Podstar and follow them on Spotify.


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