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WARC Media 100: Starcom USA Named #1
Published on March 10, 2020

The World Advertising Research Center (WARC) unveiled today its Media 100 list, which celebrates the best media ideas from across the marketing industry, featuring the most awarded campaigns, agencies and brands in the world.

The annual Media 100 ranking is produced by combining the results of the industry’s most important global and regional media award shows tracked throughout 2019, as determined by the WARC Rankings Advisory Board and a worldwide industry survey.

Starcom's global network dominated this year's Media 100 list led by Starcom USA, which was named the #1 media agency in the world. Our award-winning work for Samsung, Vans, ESPN and The North Face - all ranked in the top 100 - propelled Starcom USA to the very top.

“It’s an honor to be named to WARC’s Media 100 list. It reinforces that Starcom’s Human Experience approach – putting the consumer at the forefront based on astute analytics and insights and arresting creativity – changes behavior that drives business outcomes for our clients,” said Kathy Ring, CEO, Starcom USA.  

All told, Starcom's global network received 11 honors on this year's WARC Media 100 ranking, including: 

Agency of the Year (Global) - Starcom USA #1, Starcom UK #32
Agency of the Year (North America) - Starcom USA #1
Agency of the Year (APAC) - Starcom India #20
Agency of the Year (Europe) - Starcom UK #4, Starcom Norway #35
Network of the Year (Global) - Starcom #5
Network of the Year (APAC) - Starcom #10
Network of the Year (LATAM) - Starcom #30
Network of the Year (North America) - Starcom #3
Network of the Year (Europe) - Starcom #7  

For more information, and to see the WARC’s Media 100 Rankings in full – which includes the world’s top 100 awarded campaigns for media, top 50 agencies, agency networks, brands, advertisers, countries and top holding companies – view here.


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