We help some of the world's most successful brands engage the right consumers... at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.

We look at how people live, through many perspectives on human understanding - asking, what things make them tick

We work to make sure our brands inform people, entertain them, give them a community.

We create positive change for our clients.

We discover who and where our clients' audiences are, and we put their brands in front of them, in ways that offer meaningful experiences.

Our View

We believe that the problem any client faces is not the lack of ideas – but actually the opposite. An abundance of ideas.

There are so many ideas in the world trying to fill a finite space that they find it difficult to breath and stay strong for any period of time.

That is why we create the Space for Ideas: for nurturing ideas to improve our clients’ businesses.

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In 2013, SMG and Twitter entered a multi-year, upfront agreement, one of the most significant digital upfront partnerships SMG has ever activated. With this partnership, SMG and Twitter will co-create capabilities together that result in next-generation planning, buying and measurement capabilities to advance the industry forward.


Microsoft shares our passion for human understanding and audience behavior. Together, we are constantly innovating to connect our clients with their consumers across multiple screens in the ever shifting digital landscape. By leveraging Microsoft's vast network and highly skilled content creation teams, we develop creative cross-platform solutions that position our clients on the leading edge of industry.


What does a doctor who cures the incurable, a spoken-word poet and a social media savant have in common? They are all part of the TED community and all dedicated to changing the world and making an impact. TED is a pool of inspiration for Starcom providing an incredible partnership on the SMG level. Together they have opened TED's structure and speakers to the masses at Cannes and are set to inspire at CES and beyond.


eMarketer and SMG have developed a partnership that provides access and invaluable training to all 7,000 SMG global employees. Together we produce an annual global media intelligence report as well as collaborate on groundbreaking research such as the Yangtze Study in which SMG China traveled across the nation and interview 4,000 people to better understand the lives of those living in tier 1-5 cities in China.


To advance our clients and architect customized content specific to audiences, SMG brokered an exclusive partnership with premier digital, television and film production company, BermanBraun. This relationship extends to the creation of compelling digital content and execution of advertising initiatives available to SMG clients.


With over 1.2 billion active users across the globe, yet still all in one place, Facebook is the perfect place to understand the Human Experience and foster connections with communities. That is why SMG has taken a leading role, together with Facebook, in helping define the way in which advertisers engage their consumers with meaningful interaction and, just as importantly, measure the impact of that interaction in a real-time, meaningful way.


Our relationship with Google runs far deeper than just search. Google inspires our peers to dream of the digital horizon and arms our network with the tools and knowledge to realize those dreams. Our partnership is based on four key pillars that shape the way our teams work with our clients and Google to deliver effective business solutions through the creative use of media and content: Digital Mastery, Digitally Integrated Comms Planning, Human Experience Activation and Market Acceleration.


SMG China and Tencent announced a strategic partnership in July, 2014. The partnership is built on co-creation and innovation rather than just inventory and ad buying, and enables SMG China and Tencent to jointly develop unique experience ideas for SMG China clients and will create preferred opportunities for them to trial new Tencent product features.