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Starcom US launches first in new thought leadership series, The Starcom Fandom Report
Published on January 27, 2023
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In 2023, Starcom will explore various types of fandom in four reports: Sports, Music, Brands and Influencers.

There will be common elements and trends across these various types of fandom, but we believe there are enough differences that warrant specific explorations. The four reports will be published quarterly in the order listed above.

As long as people have been doing things, there have been fans. It’s easy to imagine an early human watching another take down a mastodon with unrivaled ease and a fan being born at that moment. As long as people have been telling stories, there have been fans. Aristotle and Plato had devoted followers; Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed all had their followers; religion is an essential form of fandom. In other words, fandom is elemental to the human experience. Fandom is a measure of cultural engagement, and cultural engagement is good for societies. It means that people are paying attention, expressing their values, and voting with their attention (and money) on the things that are meaningful to them.

This report is underpinned by primary research conducted by Starcom in January of 2023, in which we surveyed ~1200 Americans about their attitudes and behaviors regarding sports fandom.

Please read the full report here.


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