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Koala Museum est.2050

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Starcom Australia took a creative leap off a pro-bono brief. Koalas were on track for extinction in New South Wales, Australia by 2050 – and the WWF needed to create a groundswell of support to influence state politicians.

Instead of just creating a typical campaign to raise awareness or solicit donations, Starcom Australia created an unexpected and moving experience that allowed people to envision what a world without koalas might feel like. This pop-up museum in Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay transported visitors to a time where we could only remember koalas as if they were extinct. Our extinction fiction was fully equipped with stuffed animals, video presentations, histories of declining habitat, and of course the story of the easy steps that Australians neglected to take back in the early 21st century in order to safeguard the future of koalas.


We garnered over six million social impressions, nine million PR impressions, and received 3000 petition signatures (crushing our goal of 500). We gained coverage across Australian national network news and major publishers, creating a sense of scale impossible to ignore in an election year.


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