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Starcom US launches new Introversion Report: The Future is Introverted
Published on March 07, 2023
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Welcome to the Starcom US Introversion Report: The Future is Introverted

For the last three years, we’ve endured sometimes deafening quiet. The pandemic forced most Americans to step back from their usual social schedules and created a culture of homebodies. As we emerge from lockdowns and try to find our steady state again, we must assess how much we’ve changed and what of our old lives is worth resuming. 

Starcom partnered with MESH to survey over 2300 people around the U.S. We sought to understand whether people have become more withdrawn and what impact this has on how they experience the world. 

We augmented this research with semiotics from Dr. Rachel Lawes of Lawes Consulting and social listening to get a complete picture of how we talk about and understand issues of personality type in our daily lives. Our results showed us the impact of personality type on four dimensions: people, language, experiences and brands. 

Please read the full report here.


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